The Best of CES 2019: Only the cream of the crop

Oops, we made a mistake! Impossible Burgers are plant-based, not a lab-grown meat.

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  • mixxxer

    100% a paid ad for that burger.

  • Richard Servello

    Maybe next year...spend more than 15 seconds on each product....there's no rule you had to keep it under 10 mins. Or at least link the products in the description.

  • MichaelKch007

    Swamp Thing burgers interesting...GMO?


    That burger looks disgusting

  • Pietro Cozzi Tinin

    No HiFi? Strange people you are.

  • Yeezy westy

    "grown in a lab" mmmmm.... tasty..

  • Loki D. Wolf

    It's comical to see so much hate for the burger. It really is! :D People trying to find everything negative about it. Yet, fine with what they've been consuming. Forget the health hazards and environment damage. Just don't go messin' with their conditioning.

  • Richard Servello

    That's so sad that people are so obsessed with Apple that they are willing to have a 90's thickness phone to get all day My OnePlus 6t is think and light and gets 9.5 hrs of screen time. Like that's actually using the phone...not just standby. I have never plugged it in during the day.

  • Teri Laps

    Advertisement for fake hamburger. Don’t watch, no tech.

  • Avneet Singh

    For those who are reading the comments while watching the video - the burger part is at 4:54

  • alvinpetrovitch13

    If you think I'm ever going to give up beef, you're a moron. I will eat burgers made from plants occasionally, if they are organic and healthy. But beef, chicken and salmon are always a go-to choice.

  • Richard Servello

    So much Dell love...ugh...they are the worst.

  • jason wolden

    imagine with vehicles that stop on themselves how he is he would be for criminals to block up the road because you're not playing complete attention pull up some kind of weapon out on you and take your stuff.

  • bodipsypha

    I'd like to try that burger.

  • Max Blade

    7 min... wow gee thanks for posting ALL of this..

  • TechTamil

    Vegan Ignorism obviously blinded every other "tech" and you had to pick a burger as best tech. And those VR glasses look awkward literally.

  • Bryan Timbal

    2:30 trucks don't usually interest me that much but that is one sick looking semi.

  • Richard Servello

    Fat Burger currently sells Impossible Burger...I'll have to look out for 2.0.

  • Spectra Nyte

    Lab grown meat substitute. 🤮🤮🤮🤮

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