Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT

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Why is the headphone jack, a long-time fixture on smartphones, disappearing?

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  • RisingMooon

    not having a headphone jack is a reason not to buy a phone for me so the reasons they gave there really dont make up for it at all to me. i need my headphones and i dont really wanna pay up for a clunky adapter

  • Pixel Pavel

    I did not like my own comment.EDIT:I actually did not edit this comment.

  • Surt Andvettsson

    Dude, you are such a simp :/

  • StrikeNoir105E

    I don't know about America, but here in SEA wireless still loses out to wired in terms of general usage. Most of the Asian brands still make headphone jacks mandatory, and people love them for it simply because wired headsets are far cheaper than wireless.I actually tried going wireless once for my PC headset, however having only 3-4 hours of battery life before recharging left a bad taste in my mouth, so I went back to wired. (On the other hand, wireless gaming mice are good because they do have incredibly good battery lives).

  • Neo Matrix

    Aaaaannddd... They're changing the lightning connector to USB C now.. So you all iDiots who bought the dongle for the headphones are going to have to buy new dongles now. Or, buy a USB-C to lightning dongle, which plugs into a Lightning to headphone jack dongle.. Simples.

  • TheGhostik

    Still waiting for PC Motherboards without headphone jacks to be a trend

  • Bokusatsu Tenshi

    I have to suppress my laughter every time I see a clown with airpods. Garbage quality headphones that exists solely as a status symbol for those who are technologically illiterate or too materialistic and cares about their "image" to other apple fanatics. These AKG tuned Samsung earbuds I got for free with my S9+ sounds amazing. And the best part? They won't blow out after a few months of use lmfao.

  • tukamoton1312

    except its NOT going extinct. you fucking twat.

  • mik dahl

    LOL just lol we Are dealing with generations of dub step and miley cyrus lovers.. No real music is ledt.. So remove the sound all together..

  • Seth Layton

    I don't think Samsung and android are ever going to remove headphone jacks and that is because OH I DON'T KNOW MAYBE BECAUSE YOU DON'T NEED TO CHARGE WIRED HEADPHONES. Also charging headphones would be a waste of someone's time so hey apple users how's you expensive wireless headphones doing, but I bet you aren't smart enough to even get the cheap wireless ones from the dollar store That works the same way. That's why wired headset master race is better than wireless ones. Point taken.

  • Jaimas

    ....So why is it that every single non-IOS device continues to use the jack and has no intention of ever removing it? And it's not just phones.Computers, stereos, sound systems, car audio systems, gamepads, handheld devices, even the Nintendo Switch has a 3.5mm jack.Really makes you think.

  • Matthew Stevens

    Honestly, nothing dissuades my purchase like taking away the headphone jack and the ability to remove the battery. And it's not like I'm dipping my phone in the pool either (plus plenty companies make waterproof phones just fine while keeping the headphone jack) so the excuse is flimsy.

  • 911 999

    no headphone jack = no purchase from me

  • Nicholas Curran

    Watched this video on a Nokia 7 plus using the headphone jack.

  • originalkhawk

    so explain then how strange parts managed to mod his iphone to add a headphone jack?how samsung manages to have a higher IP rating while still having a headphone jack?so if it is not because they didnt have the space, and it it is clearly possible to have a higher IP rating with a headphone jack still on the phone, why did they remove it?

  • TheBestVideo

    Getting id of the jack is such a stupid thing that I hate the most, I have an iPhone 4s and 5s also iPod nano 2g and 3g which have the headphone jack and still alive after 12 y of usage

  • 1369Stiles

    i bought a $100 android two years ago and have been perfectly happy with it. i really dont understand people who spend hundreds every year on new phones.

  • Rabar Jamal

    As long as there's a smartphone in the market that still has a headphone jack I'm buying that over any other device.

  • Broockle

    ye... Wireless Headphones have to get a lot better before I go ditching my aux connection.... The OnePlus 5T is serving me very well.

  • Rodrigo J. Da Silva

    the AirPods aren't expensive. they are actually cheaper than other wireless earbuds

  • Parsa Shirali

    The only good iPhones were the phones before iPhone 5s . Se also counts . After that apple is full of shit

  • Aspirative Music Production

    I don't like wireless.Have to charge.Never worked for me.

  • Simeon Lazaris

    Taking out the sound jack is BIG mistake. I wont buy it for sure.

  • Neopabo

    The real reason they're ditching the headphone jack is to make the phones thinner, which is what the NPCs want from their phones.

  • one amazed potato

    Charging my phone while listening to my wir3d headphones on my waterproof s9+ haw never been an issue, getting rid of the headphone port is just just another way for companies to squeeze more money out of our wallets... Unaceptable.png

  • Saad Fazali

    Man, if all phone companies remove the headphone jack we'll all have to buy Bluetooth headphones which are really expensive and Apple has already removed the headphone jack with the build of iPhone X, so if I buy a iPhone X then I will have to use the dumb charging Port to listen songs

  • Rhandy

    so you want us to use wireless headphones instead? fine, but then make it so I don't have to charge the damn thing every single night. Make it so the battery lasts a very long time and doesn't need charging for weeks. I already have to charge my laptop, tablet, phone and now headphones? This is why I prefer wired headphones. There is already too many things to charge & with so much going on in our lives and our minds, sometimes we even forget to charge all these things. I am open to wireless headphones, if only they can make it so you don't have to charge it for weeks

  • Kitten

    Love how you're jacking off that headphone jack on the thumbnail. Ik I'm sorry

  • Young

    Linus back at it again with linus shill tips.

  • xexogamingx

    Only thing I hate about Bluetooth is charging

  • 1369Stiles

    so, the thing about waterproofing.....am i the only person in the world who has never dropped or used their phone in water?

  • SalutesWithTriangle 659

    Headphone jack.... but you got a 1/4 inch TRS in the thumbnail. Lol

  • Cubeman

    ok then enjoy hearing music though only your left earim going to use my 8$ bass boosting headphones for my music

  • Catowar Meowson

    Lol they did it for money. Headphones are cheep and apple hates cheep

  • Braheem Hazeem

    because bluetooth works great and don't get tangled.

  • Sanquinity

    Didn't think I'd see you shilling for Apple like this, dude... No headphone jack is inexcusable, especially since Samsung's phones have the same features yet still a headphone jack.I will personally never buy a phone without a headphone jack. I will not let a company force me to specifically pick THEIR audio device for use, and wires still give better sound quality and connection.Heck I'm getting sick of probably unneeded, and DEFINITELY unwanted "features" by me. Like no removable battery. Or no home button. Or for some reason phones having to be thinner and thinner yet becoming larger and larger when it comes to width and height. Heck I heard something about an "innovative new thing" where companies were experimenting with an actual keyboard on phones. Those already existed at the start of the smartphone era!I used to have a samsung with a keyboard that slid out from underneath. It was one of the first generations of smartphone. It was like 2x as thick and 2/3 the size (length/width) of today's smartphones. If I could get that again but with updated tech I would immediately get it with my next phone upgrade. As it was far more convenient to use and fit in my pockets a lot better than what we have today.

  • Tiavor Kuroma

    I'm using an external DAC for listening to audio on my phone, but if I had a headset, I wouldn't want to miss theheadphone jack.

  • Robert Gaines

    If Apple wasn't getting so much profit out of the Lightning connector, they would take that out as well. With wireless charging and WiFi, it's conceivable that a portless phone is coming sooner rather than later. Inductive charging may not be slow, but get used to it. I personally would rather just save money with a smartphone that didn't have running water and a flushing toilet rather then get a razor thin phone that you are going to have to throw in the trash in just three months because of accelerated planned obsolescence. You paid $1,000 bucks for that paper thin piece of crap too while my $100 phone can still make calls. I really don't get it. Why is the point of buying a $1,000 disposable phone just because of a tiny change in the next model? Hell, much of the time the phone needs to be replaced because Apple turned your phone into garbage with a firmware update to force you to buy another one. All you are doing is encouraging this behavior from these companies in buying their short lived, environment destroying, expensive pieces of crap. I you don't want to be milked like this, buy another company's phone.

  • Baba Orum

    This fucker with the annoying voice is making a killing on YouTube...how many channels does he have??????

  • Louis Vaught

    Small green screen editing mistake at 4:36, fyi

  • Zagrusz Ventus

    yes dac its hard thing, water profing a jack plug its not harder than usb

  • Sjoerd van Gestel

    Haha as long as I have options with the jack, those get my money

  • Sunny shah

    Why are people defending or trashing companies like Apple, Samsung, Google, etc..it's not like Apple gives you royalty and commission to say good things about Apple, and bad things about Samsung,same with any other company,all these Samsung and Android users who continuously bash Apple users act like they get money from Samsung and Google for making fun of Apple users.Why don't we let people use whatever device they are comfortable with, be it Apple, Samsung, or Google, etc..instead of making fun of each other for using the other company's device.Because let's be real, Samsung isn't going to give you free money and a cheap brand new phone for making fun of Apple,nor is Apple, or Google. So, stop behaving like a company's marketing agent, and just let everybody use whatever phone they want to use.

  • Gadelica The Thief

    My HTC ONE m7 has Beats Audio which can be turned off or on with 3.5mm headphones.....its nice feature with the phone for clearer louder audio which only works when its wired in. This feature and many other Audio boost features NOT WORK with Bluetooth headphones which is why phones need headphone jacks. Another thing companies can do is do an adapter to plug the oh wait yes 3rd party cases or other 3rd parties make tiny little headphone plug caps when not in use.....also who would even deliberately or accidentally get their phone wet. There is actually a reason why they headphone jacks are at the bottom and that's so the water or any liquid runs down and does not get in through the top.

  • Jasc Random

    Why not make the Headphone jack Flatter?

  • Unconsciouzone

    I have a box full of broken earbuds that I'm planning to repair...maybe I'll jump on that tomorrow. cough I'd rather pay $50 for something that will last two years (or until I lose it) than pay $20 that's gonna break in six months.

  • Keegan Pyatt

    it isnt and that would be dumb

  • Vallenshield 100

    I gess no new phones for me

  • Bryan Escalante

    Didn't Samsung get rid of the headphone jack ??? Or was another company which everyone made fun of

  • Nhadala - Gaming and Anime

    Thats a nice dildo you're holding there Linus.

  • Gravity Falls

    that thumbnail was really funny

  • r0bw00d

    "Why the Headphone Jack is Going EXTINCT"Holy shit...you think headphone jacks are a living species? You are the wrong person to be listening to.

  • petraka_bg_gaming

    Why does the headphone jack look like a dildo in the thumbnail

  • Uncle Ron

    Linus, just shut the fuck up for once.

  • Parsa Shirali

    The only good iPhones were the phones before iPhone 5s . Se also counts . After that apple was full of shit

  • Zagrusz Ventus

    you accepted SCIO soo you are becoming more and more like a main stream news aoutlett and this was just a clickbait news

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