RX470 and R9 390 mining RIG for ETH

AMD R9 390 mining rig is upgraded! NEW RX470 plugged-in. Check First results of hashrate vs power consumption. ETH mining farm on 2 GPU by AMD: R9-390 + RX 470
  • Jan Leo Badongen

    hi! how many watts is used by the r9 390?

  • BackinBlack

    does hte 470 and 390 work together on the same drivers? you are using windows? Thanks

  • Modx Customize

    Check how this miner initial stage: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=1OdZpohFqZo&index=1&list=PLEZgknqdd1nB9GJRh5JaNZjxP4hIetVfo

  • BTC the only HOPE

    hi Modx " nice video and clear voice... anyway what driver did u use with your r9 390 8gig and what OS?

  • Alex Park

    what psu are you using for these 2? would a 650w evga gold be good enough?

  • Brandon Lee

    Nice stats! But, how did you get them both to work together? I have similar setup (RX 470 4gb/ R9 390x 8gb) but no success.

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