EWBF Nvidia ZCASH Miner - Setup & Tested on GTX970

Testing the performance of the EWBF Nvidia CUDA miner for Zcash on my GTX970.

Miner Bitcointalk Thread & Download Links

Nvidia Driver Version 384.76

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  • gmoney62301

    Can't get the miner to open just opens and immediately closes window I altered file like shown but doesn't open to miner like yours using windows 10 a msi gtx 970 gaming gpu download the zec miner 3.4 nothing please help

  • Gary McKinnon

    Please say Zed cash Lee, you're not American pal ;+}

  • Pixelbyte

    1020 for 2 980ti SLI

  • Mike ™

    I get max 310-318 on an MSI GAMING X 1060 3GB, and 308-312 on the regular zcash miner, but with the GDDR5X memory type, which is a 1080, and 1080 TI, (I only have a 1080 FE) it does 545-560 sols, and 480 on the regular one.I seen a 1080 TI do 750 sols on a regular zcash miner, so I assume this new one could push it past 800 sols... that's bad ass.

  • Zero

    Hi men! Nice Video!! Can you help me please....Do you know why my GTX 1060 only mining 2.2 Mh/s Ethereum??

  • J S

    Would sli help , and are amd's more popular due to not needing sli bridge

  • Gary McKinnon

    Nice one, cheers Lee.

  • Hobby4TheWin

    why my mining programs dont see my graphics card when i downgrade?

  • Piesang

    I get 322-327sol/s at 58-60C with my windforce 970Newest driversI also use the Nvidia inspectOverclock in Msi AB:Power Limit: 85%Temp limit 91c (not linked, priority to power draw)Core clock 210Memory clock +400Fan speed 85%So far it's running stable (touch wood)

  • SuperUsefulMan

    Just letting you know my gtx 780 mining power split in half from 19MH to 8MH, I updated my driver and its back to mining at 19... you have have the same issue with your 970

  • Fernando Alberto Tellez Miotta

    Hello Lee! How is it going? A question: How much VRAM do I need to mine Zcash? Is there a minimum as with Ethereum? Thank you In advance!

  • Walter Havenga

    Hi LEE. Thanks for video. Have been mining eth for a long while. want to switch to Zcash now. Please recommend a wallet to use ?

  • Setimo Games

    i lost on username and password, i dont know what to do what do you men username? i have to register in a site? witch one?

  • League of Gaming

    0.3.4b and other versions have viruses? Google drive says so?

  • awdrifter3

    I'm getting the "cannot connect to the pool" error then it closes.

  • Mojito

    Im gettin 330-340 Sol/s .. with a Overclocked GTX 970 Strix OC .. Max Temp. 70° @ 80% Fan Speed. ^^

  • Nomoredie

    Do you know why im getting 290 sol/s with ewbf zcash and when i try ethereum with claymore im getting 2.8mh/s only?Gtx 970 g1 gaming

  • Verdient Gut

    hi.. i get "thread exited with code:46" what could be the problem?

  • jokerhatespolitics

    hey im looking to mine zcash but im confused which gpu should i get gtx 970 or gtx 1060 ?

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