Mark Ronson - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart (Official Video) ft. Miley Cyrus

Mark Ronson feat. Miley Cyrus - Nothing Breaks Like a Heart

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Directed by We Are From LA

Produced by Iconoclast
Executive Producer: Romain Gavras
Producer: Natan Schottenfels
Line Producer: Mélodie Buchris

Director of Photography: Benoit Debie
Editor: Simon Colin
VFX: Mathmatic
Kiev Production Service: Limelite

#MarkRonson #MileyCyrus #NothingBreaksLikeAHeart
  • Kat M

    How did she drive a car in the strip club?? How did she go to the back seat with no driver???


    now this is the real miley!

  • Clau kev & ken cepe sant

    Oh my god her voice is very good. I love itThank you for coming back like a boss 👌

  • WordsAreLikeRivers

    Is it just me, or this a Dolly Parton song? Love it. Horrible video, though, one of the worst I've ever seen.

  • depresso in my gay ass espresso

    I thought this was lana del rey. And I am so surprised that it isn't!!! You go miley!

  • E.L.I

    This what should we call it a song

  • Daani Lynge Band

    I usually don't listen to MC, however, I like the DP vibes here :)

  • Abigail Olayiwola

    Thus song is sooo good


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  • Re max

    🇦🇹Und wo sind die Österreicher🇦🇹🔥

  • Kami Wilson

    I thought miley was done trying to be black, looks like she hasn't given up yet 🙄

  • Mark C Littler

    This song certainly didn't crash...

  • Donut lover

    Nothing breaks like MY BRAIN

  • Kirti Malik

    In love with this song.

  • Ebony Grant-Rowlands

    s*HE’Sbr_*OK_en ~Billie Eilish

  • Allison Gravett

    I hope she makes more music like this 💞

  • Forti

    Nothing gonna save us now 😩

  • errol1234

    nothing like porn and music, in one video, what have we become.

  • Ofos

    1:10 did anybody noticed the grammy?

  • Amazon Girl

    Who loves Miley Cyrus?Yes - LikeNo - comment

  • Jazmín Delgado

    Nunca voy a poder explicar el amor que tengo hacia esta mujer, lo enamorada que estoy de su voz y lo mucho que la amo 💛

  • tome rus

    Почему галочки нет? Это что фейк‽‽‽

  • Eugen Lozovyi

    Cool that shot this video in Kyiv, Ukraine. Many familiar places!

  • Ruth Georgina Diaz Perez

    me guta pero no se al inicio me guste

  • Maria Secula

    I'm obsessed with this song right now!❤️

  • Sara Morelo Cardona


  • gc nj

    Dammm feeling like deep mind messages every .... cool song loved

  • José Ramírez

    Me encaaaaaata jajaja whaoooo 😍😍😍21-02-2019

  • Kirti Malik

    what an entry in the video Mark love it.

  • sinlaxin

    This should have been lana del ray.

  • Jesus Diaz B

    ya es mi cancion favorita

  • Sterling Pound

    Why is this titled 'Mark Ronson, featuring Miley Cyrus'? Actually don't answer that, it's fine but not my kind of music, sorry. I'll go try to find a Miley Cyrus track featuring Mark Ronson instead, thanks.

  • mydogscool loocsgodym

    Dont go breaking my achy breaky heart~Billy ray cyrus

  • car9melo

    Great song, crap video

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