Halsey - Without Me (Live From The Victoria’s Secret 2018 Fashion Show)

"Without Me" available now: https://halsey.lnk.to/WithoutMeYD
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  • Simmy1

    Yikes! You can actually here the autotune.

  • Will Blakely

    тσ αиувσ∂у ωнσ ∂ιѕℓιкє∂: ωтf

  • tooklongenough

    Damn she is HOT. Best makeup artists on the planet in that building.

  • atariflower music

    One of her greatest vocals

  • Dāvids P

    Halsey looks like a eleven from stranger things. lol

  • Emily Wied

    Her Voice is amazing

  • B Kay

    Why did they have to throw that tri colored skin person in here? Fuck you liberals.

  • EygristoneKatlyn Moraes

    The best! The amazing!

  • SN videos

    Ramp walk of halsey was best 3.05

  • Sarah Dallas

    All I have to say is she’s lip syncing like I’m not not a fan but come on like 3:23

  • Mr Dave

    The fat chick was hot.

  • alexis torres

    Every girl feels cocky when they hear this song.

  • Shon Mendonca

    Doesn't this song sound like "Don't leave me alone" by David Guetta?

  • ThrLeGeNdArY Gamer

    01:30umm... who is she? why she has dry skin ? 😮😮😖

  • anghelov

    Excellent work!!! Loved it

  • danny Arnold

    Anybody else get a instant hard-on

  • Creative Heart Dance Studio

    Halsey should be modeling too! Beautiful!

  • RaRe san

    1:24 that shoulder dance kinda thing was like daamn

  • Hardian syah

    i'm glad that halsey continue singing after mesmerized by bella hadid.

  • victoria long

    Almost all of These models are grotesquely skinny its scary looking & Im not hating I'm thin but would never want to be skin and bones to think when I was younger these were my body goals is insane not ideal!

  • Rutkay Salih

    Diamond is not the hardest thing in the world right now

  • Sierra McClure

    Is it weird that I got super emotional watching and listening to this? I started tearing up

  • Nagham Aqeel

    Halsey I love you 😍 💜💜💜💜💜


    I like that lady with vitilgo she is really a brave warrior

  • why do i have 11 subscribers

    Drank her milkshake just before the performance 1:28


    Halsey looks better than all these stick models

  • Hrsn

    anyone else notice when the model tried gesturing to halsey and halsey looked away lul

  • freddy daniel

    Halsey, you have a body of a goddess, the most beautiful of all models ...

  • Syahirhziq

    3:19 Who is she? PLEASE HELP ME

  • Mary Jang

    The last model so sexyyyy, i loveeeee her face❤️

  • Trainer Dan

    Victoria's secret singin angel right here

  • PhaseSkater

    Don’t let this distract you from the fact that she thinks shampoo is racist

  • Viggo Urskov Jønch-Clausen 6A Højby Skole

    you are mega mega sweet and a good mega singer and mega mega kind and funny

  • Matt Vogt

    Halsey is a cringey SJW but, if this wasn't lip sync god damn she can sing

  • gven

    My God, Halsey is literally perfect...

  • Aurora Pasquali

    Halsey is so beautiful😍

  • Itrat Khan

    i know she lipsynced but if not, good on her


    her performance was one of the best

  • Allyson Parks

    Halsey kills it everytime!

  • G R.

    Halsey’s body is fire!!!!!!!!

  • Rahul K

    2:20 The weekend!Like only if you're a weekend fan <3

  • Masel tov

    0:43: Cutie, so hot and sweet! :-)

  • Claire Bear

    Is this that live auto tune, cause I feel that. Either that or lip sync

  • Viggo Urskov Jønch-Clausen 6A Højby Skole

    you are mega mega sweet and a good mega singer and mega mega kind and funny

  • Oguzhan Polat

    1000 th view of me <3

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