The COOLEST Tech at CES 2019!

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10nm PC processors holiday 2019
With Comcast, adding 10 gigabit broadband + WiFi 6 in homes

HTC Vive Pro Eye – basically Pro with eye tracking
Vive Pro Cosmos – wireless PC headset
Vive Reality System – moving away from SteamVR tracking?







  • leveritable

    Bell... more like Belltower. Augmentations are on their way.

  • Ives Clark Landingin

    Finally, I found a good substitute for Tech feed.

  • sam smith

    Ugh this guy is so cringy.

  • FirstVal Babon

    Your shirt is Linux Tech Tips and that's dope!

  • lgtcount

    Riley's trying his heart out

  • McKevin Dauntless

    0:38 Nice ID picture you got there Riley. 😂😂

  • Richard

    yeah, $400 uber air taxi to go 10 miles! yay!

  • TheGivens Giv

    Uber air taxi by 2023 my ass. Where are they going to get a bunch of pilots capable of flying a new platform realiable and safe enouph to transport people. As if anyone can just up and start flying people around.

  • 20,000 subscribers without a video???

    He sounds like LINUS from Linustechtips

  • RockNRolla JohnnyQuid

    Rileys a tech star in the making. May the force be with you young RileyWalker. Half Life 3 we Believe ! :)))

  • Florian PressX


  • Microduino Studio

    CES was a lot of fun! We wish we saw you stop by our booth. Maybe next year? :)

  • savecityofheroes savecityofheroes

    Well you know CES 2019 NVIDIA will be installing RTX graphic cards in gaming notebooks. and INTEL to install i9 9900K in to gaming notebooks before the CES 2019 started I ordered SAGER NP9175 I know it comes with i7 8700K Well INTEL your late om your report becuase I can upgrade that CPU to a I9 9900K. I cannot afford that CPU. Intel may be talk about to soon install Z370 chip set on gaming notebooks. that is old news its all ready done.SAGER NP9175 all ready got Z370 CHIP SET.. lets talk about NVIDIA installing RTX graphic card in gaming notebook. NP9175 dose come with GTX 1070 I can upgrade to GTX 1080 I cannot afford to to upgrade. I am on a holding pattern for about a month. there is no GTX 1070 and GTX 1080 to install. that sounds bad buying a gaming notebook and have to wait a month. I did pay for a GTX 1070 the dealer told me I am getting RTX 2070 with no extra charges . Now I wish I can afford the GTX 1080 so I can upgrade to RTX 2080. This is the first time I getting my self new graphic card before CES started . I cannot afford RTX 2080 and cannot afford i9 9900K over all its not a bad package deal. its very nerve wrecking to wait for my turn. the release for RTX 2070 for gaming notebook is the end of month. 1/29/2019. So that is something. However REAL TIME RAID TRACING is not in use on every video game I got. I heard about a patch for BATTLE FIELD V or what ever. I have no plans to buy. Well that is the only game out for RTX Iguess every one is going to wait for like say for example WATCH DOGS 3 and GRAND THEFT AUTO VI there is no word on any of that stuff. So I wait a month for the free upgraded graphic card to get to the dealer.OH BOY Why can NVIDIA start sending it to the dealer right now? Why do i do I have to play the waiting game taht is driving me fucking nuts?

  • Ginrikuzuma

    The walking car feels like it might be more useful for rovers for exploring other planets.

  • R J

    Riley is on Dragons Den UK series 16 episode 13 (sort of)


    I hope that nobody is ripping off Jerri Ellsworth's CastAR classes.

  • Zac Hope

    Riley is cool. I like him.We should keep him.

  • S E

    He sounds almost like Linus

  • Johnny Arellano

    He's so fine 😍 😍 if he leaves this channel I'm unsubscribing lol

  • Check Mate

    are you wearing linus tech tips t-shirt? :)

  • snizer11

    Starwars punch line. Like it.

  • VOLKNER 117

    Pewdiepie’s new phone. “But can you do this?”

  • majid651651

    His voice same as METAL GEAR SOLIDOtacon !!

  • dolebiscuit

    Hiring Riley was one of the best moves for LMG.

  • John Phillips

    Ehhh. Same old VR headset revisions, muh fly'n cars, and the bendable smartphone. Can't they work on making a VR bodysuit that can track your whole body and make you feel pain, pressure, shock, and temperature? I'd seriously pay for something like that! Especially with dual 4k oled screens for your eyes, maybe with some sort of focusing technology that can make whatever you're looking at stand out and peripherals blurry just like irl. That would be soooooooo dope.

  • jc w

    Riley is trash and should be fired. He wasn't as bad as normal in this video but he still managed to blow. Fire Riley

  • sboivin55

    Anyone noticed Riley's picture on his tag? hahahah

  • MrDeeb

    Bro I laughed so hard when he said "sick" damn that was a good cali accent

  • Andres Martinez

    Project Athena was a computer project at MIT in 1983.

  • AntiqueAshes

    We dont need 240 hz monitors, didn't movies try having really high fps once, and it just made everyone sick? Maybe games are different idk, I'm just your local helicopter.

  • Abhinav Arvind

    A Walkar.Walking car. Geddit?

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