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  • Cryptobaghodler

    will i need a special license to drive my lambos on the mooooooooon??

  • Mnk

    1 super rich man could turn this market into a bull market, but who knows when that will happen. If we bleed slowly to 1500, where do u think the bottom will be? I think it's extremely unlikely that we go below 1000 dollars.

  • Mat Mar

    Patience is the key!

  • Dimitri Sanchez

    Nice vid like always. I am feeling the despair on the air.btw You should make a live stream with node investor, that would be cool

  • Michael Conley

    Bitcoin absolutely follows the stock market. Im actually surprised you don't see it.

  • altqwet

    yea u r right but i care about cardano. probably just because i like the hoskinson guy

  • Russell Stall

    eos creator has a bad history of abandoning projects that don't work out for him also. I think most of it has to do with lost confidence in the devs.

  • Gowtham V

    Why should u pay for a course when Tony vays and philakone teaches you for free most of the information that you need to learn. I see crypto courses and paid groups are cash grabs because they don't provide much value.

  • Ethee Wheelio

    Where did he say bottom was?

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