Marvel Studios' Captain Marvel - Trailer 2 смотреть онлайн бесплатно в хорошем качестве фильм

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  • Aricu Nono

    Will female captain marvel have a wife? Mrs. Marvel? Or is this ms. Marvel?

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  • David Thomas

    If she saves the day in Endgame I'm gonna be pissed. You can't just bring in some character we haven't met at the 11th hour

  • Muhammad Fahri

    First was "Avenger : EndGame" and now this trailer

  • Ben Turtles

    Captain marvel punches a grandma

  • Amar Prajapati

    New gf of captain stive rodger is coming

  • A Human Being

    I kind of wish they switched the framing in this movie: have a Nicholas Fury movie with Captain Marvel supporting. If you want to expand more about his past, expand HIS past! Please don't make the same mistakes that Star Wars has been receiving by replacing good characters, mythos, and values with new, destructive, and arrogant nobodies!

  • Jamie Wells

    Brie Larson is so hott !!

  • Saqib Ali

    +Khuram Shafiq billy at the end

  • Ali Sam

    The only thing that sucks about Captain Marvel is that it is a SHE

  • esnxvmola

    so if you are a kree, why are you white?

  • Untwinxer

    The 2nd trailer looks so much better than the first!


    There is only one Captain Marvel movie gonna lit and this ain't it.

  • taz200032

    This is actually based on a true story

  • Nancy Sahayaraj

    Captain Marvel is like hell of a character to me. Cuz Captain Marvel is like a cross between my favourite marvel character CAPTAIN America and my favourite studios MARVEL. Like if you also fall under this category.

  • Ema Henecia

    Captain America needs a G.F

  • Rafael Nunez Jr.

    1:43 Ronan the accuser :O

  • TheCoolj1212

    So that’s why she punched the grandma 😬😬

  • Renáta Cseh

    I can't wait. Iwant to see right now!

  • chesley wier

    I was excited about this movie. I just don't know what's turning me off about it.


    I just went from 6:30 to midnight CAn't wait

  • Xebys

    unlike wonder woman who is a goddess, Captain Marvel is our own kind, a human...even got a valley girl accent...she got her powers by circumstances/accident like peter parker and bruce banner...she's a superman but not from krypton, instead born on planet earth like us and has flaws like us.....this is where marvel separate themselves from dc

  • Ivona Strukar

    Her suit looks shite

  • Brent Dreher

    I really hope the next trailer features, a lot of Coulson

  • ਘੜਿੱਚ Gulla

    Watch creed 2 final entrance scene on my channel 👆🏻 goosebumps 🔥

  • Spiritual Development Video Catalog

    be reborn in Christ. :( this is covert mind control

  • Playafromthehymalaya

    Gooble gobble one of us

  • Ram sharikh maurya

    thor and captain marvel one of them two rescue the tony from outer space I think. thor have power of bifroce to go any where but it is hollywood anyone dont know what happen?☺

  • The Black Reaper.

    1:50 OMGG ITS A SUPERSAI...captain marvel.

  • aricente

    She sounds so.... girly? Idk, i imagined her to have a deeper voice like black widow

  • Sweet

    Thor: Aim for the headCaptain Marvel: okay ?

  • KyBer Leger

    I told you the old lady was evil.

  • originaltheory

    Guess who saves Mr. Stark?

  • Jeremy Larson

    Rip our good buddy Stan Lee even tho hes gone the marvel movies will keep on

  • Luis Aguilar

    Fury: “ Do you know how to fly one of this things? “Captain Perfect: “ I know everything you dumb male, I’m Captain MarySue”

  • Moisés Pinto

    I hope she save Tony, what will gave her the people`s love HAHA

  • Hyper SxCloud9


  • KARMA PhantomZ

    In the first trailer i thought she beat that poor old woman for no reason but found out she had powers 😂😂

  • atol sporsho

    She will beat thanos.

  • Drizzle

    Thanos snapped his fingers and the cat vanished.

  • G -Watch

    I just imagine a bunch of brain dead seals clapping their fins together after every poor attempt at a joke or trying at showing something cool was made in this trailer .

  • Jonathan Gutierrez Madrigal

    The Virgin Captain Mar Vell vs The CHAD SHAZAM CAPTAIN MARVEL

  • Stephanie Pnt

    I can't wait to see the beautiful & talented Brie Larson in Captain Marvel !!!!! 💕

  • Triairius

    This movie looks awesome.

  • ermonski

    "I'm gonna end it!"With a Valley girl accent?

  • Mike Wazofski

    Dang, didn't expect to see a new Super Man movie so soon.

  • Bob Mahni

    The hype for this movie is as much as the amount of men that come back from false sexual assault allegations.

  • Brian Wu

    I'm sorry, but Shazam will take the cake next year at the Box Office.

  • T Ash

    Captain Marvel gonna bring the pain to thanos!!!!

  • Silva Mensah

    Still haven't gotten goosebumps yet


    You know South Park is still killing it when Strong Woman gets her own movie after several episodes.

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